Jio is an indian telecom operator and third largest mobile network operator in the world with over 370.7million subscribers.

Earlier we were able to recharge Jio numbers with MyJio app and was also possible to earn using coupons from the app, however, Jio isn't giving any coupons now and therefore not possible to earn from MyJio anymore.

But recently Jio introduced a new partner app, JioPos Lite. Where anyone can become Jio Partner and recharge Jio numbers and earn commissions.

How to Install ⁉️

Installation and all processes are straight forward and easy.

  1. Install JioPos Lite from Play Store.
  2. You will be asked for Jio number and Email Id
  3. An OTP is received and enter the OTP. You are done ✔️
  4. Create a Mpin for your transactions and security. Your good to go ✔️

Like any other app, registering in JioPos is simple and anyone can easily sign up.

How much is the commission ⁉️

Please don't expect lakhs 😭

JioPos need a minimum deposit of 1000rs for the first time. And from second time onwards you can load any amount to wallet.

Now commission, for every 100rs you spend you will get rs 4.166 as commission. And for 1000 rs you will get a commission of 41.166rs.
When adding money into wallet ,you can see how much commission you can earn.

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Advantages Disadvantages
No documents required Recharge Jio numbers, start earning commission
4.166rs for every 100rs spent Commissin may seems to be low for some users
Available for everyone Initial amount to be added is 1000rs

Other than Jio, other telecom operators also introduced cashback offers. As a part of lockdown, all telecom operators are trying to make recharging easier.

Is it really helpful⁉️

Maybe the amount 4.166 may seem to be very small. It depends on how much amount you are gonna spend and for how much people you are gonna recharge. If you have a big family, or have many friends, or have a store, then you can start earning now.