The Internet is a network connected to storage and CPUs at different places, for sharing data all over the world. A website is created by hosting/storing the contents (Html, CSS, Javascript, assets, etc.) .

For an average, most hosting starter plan costs approximately 10$ per month, which is not affordable sometimes. And when summing up domains cost also, total cost increases.

Cybergenie is here to introduce an innovative and superb technology.

What technology ❓

Itty Bitty Site,

Nicholas Jitkoff,  former Google designer and now VP designer at Dropbox created this technology. It's open source & available on Github.

itty.bitty takes html (or other data), compresses it into a URL fragment, and provides a link that can be shared. When it is opened, it inflates that data on the receiver’s side.

Simply it means, sites are stored entirely within the url.
Site contents are encoded & compressed using Lempel–Ziv–Markov chain algorithm.

Once the link opened, the reverse process is done by the device. After that, the data extracted/decoded is shown.

While most sites/apps support url length about 2000 bytes (2KB), some can handle more.

Maximum sizes for links in various apps & Browsers

App Max bytes Notes
Twitter  4,088
Slack 4,000
QR Code 2,610
Bitly 2,048
Google Chrome (win) 32,779
(mac) 10,000
Will not display, but larger links work
Firefox >64,000
Microsoft IE 11 4,043 Will not show more than 2,083
Microsoft Edge 2,083 Anything over 2083 will fail
Android 8,192
Safari Lots 😂

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Let's create a simple website

  1. Go to Itty.bitty.sites
  2. Type in your content
    • Or Copy paste your HTML
    • Or Drag and drop your file
    • Or use Codepen - contains so many templates
      /websites, copy the codepen url and paste on the editor ,wait and codepen content will be automatically added

alt text

  1. Share the direct url or connect to a domain.

Check this sample website made by Cybergenie StaySafeStayHome

Connect to domain 🔗

Itty bitty urls are large. You can connect your own domain with itty bitty site. Simple way is forward your custom domain to itty bitty url.

Some Itty Bitty Sites from Itty Bitty Sites
✒️Compose poetry
🛠Create an app
🎨Express yourself in ascii

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Note: Even it's secure, Cybergenie and Itty Bitty Site recomend to don't share personal and sensitive info's in websites made with itty bitty

It's not revolutionary 😌

Even Itty Bitty Sites aren't revolutionary yet, you can create microblogs and small sites without any hassle. It's Covid19 all over the globe, so #Stayhome and write poems, stories, share your art, your thoughts, create games, create your profile and many more can be done with itty bitty. it's your time to test and experience.