Fake news is spreading faster than the Coronavirus, and sometimes it's dangerous than the virus.

One of social media giant Whatsapp owned by Facebook is hardly trying to get rid of fake and spam messages, forwarded by the users daily. And as a part of it, recently they introduced the forwarded label, which shows on all forwarded messages.

However, it's not a complete success, and also not able to wipe all the fake messages completely.

Recently some beta users spotted a new feature in WhatsApp, Which allows users to Google search 🔍 the message directly from WhatsApp. And by searching the user can check the authenticity of the message.

This feature is rolling out for beta users, all beta users still not able to use this feature.
And I hope stable users will get the feature immediately.

A search icon 🔍 can see on the left/right side of the message. And it will only appear if the message is forwarded.

When the search icon is clicked and message dialog appears, which says: Would you like to search this on the web? This will upload the message to Google.
When clicking SEARCH WEB an option to select browser is opened and the message is searched on google.

The only use I found for this feature is instead of copying the message and searching one can search the message directly and check the authenticity of the message. Which tends the users to verify the messages received

Other than text messages, this search icon is appearing on Youtube videos also, which is forwarded.

WhatsApp may introduce image search option also, which is not still rolled out for beta users

It's Covid19

Since it's a time of the COVID-19 pandemic, all social media apps need to control the spreading of fake messages. Other than the app or website, the users(we) need to be more careful when sending and receiving forward messages. Make sure you are going to send a trustworthy message and make sure you're receiving a trustworthy message.