We all have our dreams, and at least once we may have been dreamed about publishing our Android app in PlayStore.

But may not be familiar with programming languages or may not have high-end pc for using big software.

Here in this blog, you will get to know about an online web application, for creating Android apps without coding.

MIT App Inventor , an open-source visual, drag and drop Android app builder, which was provided by Google and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT).

AppInventor uses a simple drag and drop interface, where you can drag and drop Components (Buttons, Labels,etc.) onto the Screen(where the components are arranged for UI). The no code programming is done by blocks, known as Blockly

App Inventor offers a lot of flexibility, other than pre-built components, anyone can create own components(Extensions) which can be uploaded and used in your apps.

You can create Apps for your

  1. Company
  2. College / School project
  3. Business
  4. Website
  5. Local store
  6. and many more

It's time to experience it .

Head over to AppInventor builder, and start converting your ideas into a products.

Here is an interactive tutorial to the basics of App Inventor, try it with bigger screens(Desktop mode) and  with sound on.

Have any doubt?

App Inventor has community of helpers with more than 10k+ members, post your doubt get answers , and create stunning apps . -  Appinventor community

Learning programming isn't a big deal, but it needs patience, passion and perseverance.

2020 is the year of #NoCode‌